What Is In a Colour?

Did you know that your choice of wedding colours inclines towards a subconscious reflection of your personality? Most people choose their wedding colour as an indication of how their future marriage will be.

It has been proven that most ladies tend to decide on their wedding colours many years before their wedding. However, this still tends to reflect their personality traits.

So, what is your colour? This may be reflected on your wedding invitations, table decorations, flowers, your bridal party wear, or even your wedding gown. Certainly, some brides may opt for colours based on their wedding themes such as beach wedding, garden wedding, vintage wedding, or simply a traditional wedding theme. Other brides may on the other hand choose their wedding colour(s) based on the time of the year when there are getting married. While others tend to settle for simple and elegant combination of colours such as cream and black, blue and white, or opting for an all-white wedding theme.

Does the venue you choose determine your colour choice? Certainly! Majority of couples tend to plan their wedding colours around their venue of choice. Whichever your case, you should be able to entirely incorporate your favourite colours entirely or a shade of it into your plans. For instance, supposing your venue has blue décor, but you want your favourite colour, say pink, to feature. You can simply blend some blue in your pink scheme.

Where to start.

If you have no idea on where to start in making colour selection for your wedding, then this is the best place to start.

  • First, you can start with creating an inspiration board with pictorials of the items that you would like include into your wedding. You can do it the old fashioned way and cut-out old magazine photos or get with the times and use Pinterest to create your boards. Get inspiration from our Pinterest colour idea boards.
  • Bridal/ wedding magazines and inspirational articles on weddings may also enable you to find things you love. There are quite a number of incredible and lovable ideas that you can find from these resources. This may include wedding colours, wedding invitation ideas, where to get your wedding gown, dresses for your bridesmaids, honeymoon destinations among others.
  • At this point, if you look at your board, you may see some sort of evolution of colour theme that you can go by.

Choosing the best colour for you.

The big question here is “how do you choose the most appropriate colour for you?”

You can’t go wrong by choosing colours that you really love. Working with a blend of colours that you love, will set you off on the right note for your wedding.

Two colour schemes are common but you can push the limits and choose up to three colours. Feature the three colours proportionately with one of them being prominent. For instance, you can have up to 70 percent of your preferred main colour, 25 percent of a supporting colour, and about 5 percent of an accent colour. But then again if you are the eccentric kind, you can dare to be different and go with a full rainbow of colours.

Rainbow Wedding Ideas

Still unsure? Get inspired by our colour ideas Pinterest boards:


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