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Tandy Wedding & Events: A Wedding As Tailored As Your Love Story

A wedding ceremony is the endorsement of a romantic relationship. If love was a school, the wedding would be the celebratory commencement. A day to commit to each other and show the world that in one another, your souls have locked in perfect harmony.

But the truth is wedding ceremonies have become uninspired. Something akin to homes in a housing estate; the next one looks just like the last one.

It’s not something to be bashful about considering the ever-growing popularity of wedding ceremonies by a continually modernized generation of newlyweds in Kenya. Nevertheless, each union carries with it a one of a kind story and it takes an invested and talented wedding planner to transfer that mutual spark into a ceremony that is just as singular.

Tandy Wedding & Events is one such outfit in Nairobi that can confidently guarantee a fresh wedding experience. Free of the stale décor you see everywhere else and familiar setups that at this point must feel like walking into your own house.

Established and run by Terry Mugo, Tandy Wedding & Events (named after her little daughter Thandiwe) has been around for only a year but is already earning stripes from clients and industry alike with nothing but unanimous five-star reviews of their services on its Facebook Page.

At the core of Tandy Wedding & Events’ function is integrity and reliability which is the least any couple would require from anyone planning the biggest day of their lives. Top that with bona fide creativity and a personalized service then you end up with a magazine wedding just like Tandy’s first wedding which was featured in a national daily.

What makes Tandy Wedding & Events a cut above the rest though is their ability to mix it up. From a white wedding, to a Muslim one and even a Mediterranean themed ceremony: “We did a Muslim wedding at the end of last year which was such a learning experience especially the fusion of different cultures. The bride had a small budget but she got an elegant and fun event that left her so happy. We are now working on a Moroccan theme wedding, loving the experience and the challenges that come with it,” said Terry, adding, “we have a unique sense of touch especially with the décor and creativity that leaves the client amused – what you don’t expect to see at any other event.”

Apart from décor and setup, Tandy’s range of services also include bridal gowns and accessories, photographers and videographers, caterers, photo session sites, wellness and beauty, entertainment, florists and enticing packages for that guarantee customer satisfaction.

When asked of their dream client, many planners would opt for a high profile one- something in the KimYe standards. Not Terry. She says she is her own dream client. It might be a long shot for a bride to put together her own wedding but her answer is quite telling of what a client ultimately gets from Tandy Wedding & Events – a honest, intimate and personalized wedding.


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