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Wedding Fashion Rules You Should Break


Do you get invitations to weddings and start think of all the rules you must observe? Do you feel restricted?  I know I do, sometimes I might have just gotten the cutest little white dress that I feel might work for a wedding, and then I remember the rules and wear my old boring floral dresses like everyone else. What if we broke these rules though? How fun is breaking rules! Let’s break rules…

Rule to break: Do not wear white to a wedding.


Let’s be very honest here; we understand how the bride might feel like you are stealing the show, but honestly, she’s is the only woman who will be in a WEDDING GOWN! She is also the only woman who will walk down an aisle all fab and have all our eyes on her. She is the only one who will be walking arm in arm with a handsome groom; I do not see anyone focusing on a guest who wore a simple white dress. Unless they are the fashion police and are looking for photos and topics for their next show. In fact, I find all-white weddings quite fabulous, where the bridal party is in all-white outfits and if you are daring enough, ask your guests to wear the same too!

But just to be safe, you can add a splash of color to your outfit. may be a colored bag, shoes, accessories etc

Rule to break: Do not mix metals


Like who even obeys such rules today? Its 2015! Seriously though, DO mix metals. Pairing yellow gold, rose gold and platinum used to be a big no-no, but now we’re saying yes to this trendy mix. To make a statement, try incorporating the metals in different bands on your wedding ring. You can have both silver and gold on your wedding dress or accessories, the key is to keep it simple and minimalist. If you like this idea but want to scale it back, keep your metals mixed in either a warm or cool color family. That means you can combine yellow and rose gold or platinum and burnished silver. Thank me later.

Rule to break: Do not bring pets to the wedding


Bring your pets! In fact, dress them up. You will be surprised how many people will want to take photos with them as props. The only thing to be careful about is; the movement of your pet. You do not want the little furry friend jumping all over the tables, or on the cake (God forbid!). with a well-trained pet, I am very sure they will know when to sit, (of course when you ask them to), when to play and also not to bark…at all! For a fun bride, we might be seeing their pet on the lineup, or carrying the rings, or just a wedding sign. Do not leave them out, they are part of us now.

Rule to break: You must wear a veil


No. You. Mustn’t! Unless you are getting married in the 90’s, in which case, veil up please. There are so many fun ways to look chic, especially when you are not having a very traditional wedding. I don’t think a cathedral veil on a ‘boho’ type of gown is very cute. We want to see you walk down the aisle with flowers on your head. No. Not a bouquet, but a chic wreath. If you must wear a veil, may be for your parents or as a religious requirement, wear a caged one, this way, it will be so easy to slip it off after all the formalities.

Rule to break: You must wear heels on your wedding day


I kid you not, I will probably be in the most comfortable and flattest flats you can come across. Have you attended a Kenyan wedding? Do you see the dancing we do? On grass! I am not complaining, but please, I will not be in high heeled pumps. I do not want my new husband to spend our wedding night massaging my feet. You can wear a cute pair of wedges with a manageable heel, or flats if you are a sucker for comfort. But six inches? No! Just no people.


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