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Wedding Fashion: The Gentleman’s Guide

Picking out the grooms and groomsmen outfits is no walk in the park! Especially because there is a lot to think about (themes, colors, style, preferences etc.) when it comes to picking out outfits that will coordinate with the bride’s attire. Here are some tips you can keep in mind when going about it.

  1. BOW-TIES & TIES Wedding Fashion: Bow-Tie Bow ties are a fun way to embrace your funky side, the brighter the colors the better. For ties, do not go for the traditional size, try skinny ones in fun and bright colors.
  2. SUITS Wedding Fashion: Suits Pink is the new white for brides, as grey is the new black for men! Summer weddings are opening doors for people to be creative and try out new and daring colors such as tan and beige. One way to be uniquely different is to try put your groomsmen in mismatched suits, with different shades of grey that will work well with your bridesmaid’s dresses.  Another fun way to be trendy is to incorporate an accent color from the bridal party into the groomsmen’s attire, may be in the tie, bow-tie, kerchief, or shirt.
  3. SUSPENDERS 7 I am such a big fan of suspenders! I mean nothing says ready to dance and have fun like suspenders. Paired with the right shoes, this look is timeless. Gentlemen, you do not have to be so predictable on what you wear anymore.
  4. SHOES 9 Boat shoes are my all-time favs! A gentleman in a nice pair of Sperry’s has me glued to them all day. This is a fun way to dress up and be comfortable. These kind of shoes work well with a preppy look, suspenders, khakis and half coats. Though if you want a more formal look, ‘tuxs’, bow ties and sharp official shoes will work fine as well.

A man’s wedding outfit doesn’t have to be black and boring. As the one in charge of picking out the outfits, make sure they are fun and different. A bit of color here will never hurt, just be sure not to overdo it. Men tend to react negatively to lots of color.


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