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Tales of a Bride to Be…

“The Birth…

The tales of this bride to be was born immediately after my fiance’ announced his intentions to my parents through a well hand-written letter by his dad aka my father-in-law. This is normally the cultural practice in our Iteso community. I remember very well it was on Saturday June 25th 2016 in the afternoon when my mom announced the news to me, my husband to be made sure I am not aware of it. It was a sweet surprise when I did find out and I teared up real good… thank you very much hun!

Now reality started sinking in with a number of questions running through my mind, this I know is what most of us ladies tend to think about when our men raise our relationships standards to a whole new level…

Why didn’t he even ask me?

Am I the right woman for him?

Am I ready to be his wife?

What will my wedding day be like?

Who should be in my bridal team?

What about my wedding colors and theme and the MC and the guests?

The service providers, will I find the right people to run the day smoothly without me supervising them?

The questions were so endless and I could hardly think straight. I called him (Mr.P) up and he started acting like he was unaware of it all… This made me mad, I went home got into my secret prayer corner but my oh my I could hardly pray. I only remember telling God to guide me and that was it. All my life I have learned through it all to relate with God just as a father relates to his daughter. Immediately after my short prayer I went to bed and that same night I had this dream…My first wedding-day dream…In my dream I saw my whole ceremony including the wedding theme and colors, I woke up sweaty and scared. I just got my first confirmation that this is indeed the will of God. God’s answer to my prayers was so prompt,  so accurate, so clear and so profound.

The very important lessons I learned in this stage were:

  1. Involve God in every process, He will show you what He has in store for you.
  2. It’s important to take a step back and pay attention to yourself before you go announcing in every social media page of your engagement and marriage plans.
  3. A little surprise from our men goes a long way, don’t take it for granted.
  4. If God has brought you to it, He will see you through it.
  5. Be prepared, the journey of a bride to be has officially started, be ready for anything at any time.

See you in my next tale…

With Love Amoding’.


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