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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Photographer for Your Wedding

Professional wedding photographers are a dime and a dozen these days. But, with hundreds of people posing as professional photographers out there, telling who is legit and who is not can be a tall order. If you are hasty to hire a wedding photographer, then chances are you will end up in the arms of an amateur posing as a pro and end up with a very unpleasant experience.

So, how do you separate wheat from chaff when picking a photographer for your big day?

Whether you are hiring a photographer for your private or public wedding, you need to be inquisitive. You need to ask important questions that will help gauge the competence of the photographer before engaging their services. Here are some of those questions.


Yes, for what function do you need a photographer? Are you planning to engage a photographer for the entirety of your wedding day or for specific portions of it? E.g. will the photographer cover the evening party as well as the wedding ceremony? People hire photographers for different reasons, and there are different areas of specialty in the world of photography. So start off by making sure you know why you need a photographer and for what purpose to help you find the right professional.

Does the professional have the right equipment?

Professional photographers have the right tools of trade that enable them to capture crisp, vivid and sharp images that last a lifetime. If you are considering hiring a professional photographer for your event, be sure to hire with the right gear for the job. Don’t just settle for anyone with a compact point and shoot camera.

What is the photographer’s experience?

In life, most things boil down to years of experience, and photography is no different. You honestly do not want your wedding to be a photographer’s learning ground and cross your fingers hoping that the photos will come out perfect. Be sure to hire someone with experience. If you are looking for a photographer for your beach wedding, be sure to find one with tangible experience in outdoor photography. The same apply when searching for a photographer for your indoor wedding.

What is the cost of their service?

Of course, you need to work with a budget when hiring a wedding photographer. The market rates for professional photography may vary based on the type of job at hand. Most photographers offer packages to their clients. Find out that will give you value for money.

This is not everything you need to ask when hiring a photographer for your wedding event. Take time to do your research before hiring a photographer and you will sure have a great experience with them. You can find top wedding photographers on Weddings Kenya.

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