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How to Pick Your Wedding Colors

If you are easily excited by colors as i am, then picking your wedding colors should be one of the most fun process. Imagine the possibility of putting together pink and orange, jaded grey with blush, coral with peach… unlimited possibilities!


As much as this sounds like a fun and easy thing to do, there’s quite a lot to think about. You will need to get the right hues, saturation, balances and so much more.

Here are a few guidelines i think would help you in making this decision.

  • Think Season
    The season you plan to have your big day will largely influence your color choice. Coral is perfect when the sun is out bright and beautiful, rosy pink, blush and all your shades of pink will shine and warm you up as we forget the cold season. Just because it’s hot or cold should not make you shy away from your favorite colors, the secret is to play with the hues till you get it right.
  • Venue
    Your venue largely determines your color scheme. While black, gold, dark shades of green will work very well for a well lit ballroom / hall, they might not work very well for a garden wedding. An outdoor wedding allows you to be bright and adventurous, take advantage!
  • Mood
    The color you choose will highly influence the mood of your guests. Think about the style and atmosphere you want. Whether it’s dramatic, relaxed, nostalgic, romantic, rustic… all will be brought out by your color scheme.


  • Research
    As you plan, magazines, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram should be your go to places for inspiration. Look at your friends weddings, be inspired by your every day life surroundings and work with what you have.
  • Do Not Overthink
    As much as colors are important on your day, do not have sleepless nights trying to think which hue is perfect. Remember the day is about you, your partner and your guests, their comfort and most importantly, you exchanging vows with the love of your life. Use color as a guideline and not a rule to live by. In fact, a not so perfectly matched color might work even better and create a new palette for people to go to in future for inspiration.


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