Grow Your Wedding Business with These Simple Tips

With the height of the wedding season upon us, the Easter holidays can be an exceptionally profitable time for vendors in the wedding industry. There is nothing a bride-to-be appreciates much more than knowing that someone is walking with them through the chaotic wedding planning process, but for the vendor, it all begins with figuring out how to find business. Here are a few helpful tips that can help you get more business during the wedding season.

  1. Make your bridal services visible and known online.
    The importance of online platforms cannot be overlooked when it comes to modern day marketing.

    1. If you are already building your bridal clientele, then you need to showcase your work on social media platforms by snapping photos of your work and posting them on your Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter handles.
    2. Having your own website, which would detail your bridal services along with pricing and the photos you have collected, is also a strategic way of reaching out to potential clients.
    3. Listing on Weddings Kenya is also another way you can instantly connect with brides and grooms. What’s more, we are not only affordable (See our pricing) but we also have a free plan that allows you to “test drive” our services before subscribing to a paid listing.
  2. Network with local wedding service providers.
    Establishing a connection and relationship with other service providers in your town is a fantastic way to driving business your way. If you do not necessarily know any wedding photographers or planners, then it can be tough getting started. However, with a little homework, you will certainly find wedding businesses to follow on Twitter and Facebook. And do not be afraid to send email enquiries. Remember, the more you put out there, the more you likely will get back!
  3. Participate in bridal fairs.
    Sign up for and attend bridal fairs in your town. The Samantha’s Bridal Weddings Fair is a good example of a wedding fair that is bound to create a lot of excitement among brides who are planning for their weddings. While at this, be sure to book a space where you can showcase your products, brochures as well as videos of your work. This is a fantastic way to gain clientele and grow your network. Brides to be and other wedding service providers flock these shows and will sure leave armed with your brochures and business cards. Meeting potential clients face to face at your booth is also another great way to sell yourself and services. Of course, this will call for a bit of spending on sign up fees and production of materials; however, the slight investment will be worth the reward down the road.
  4. Never underestimate the power of referrals.
    Above all, word of mouth will see clients walking through your door. Thus, be sure to create an incentive program for referrals. This can be in the form of a complementary service as a reward to past customers who have given out your name, or some form of discount. Send your happy customers away with some of your brochures and business cards to share with their friends. Testimonials from satisfied clients are equally a great idea. You can use these on your website or social media to help spread word about your business.


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