Establishing Your Brand as a Wedding Planner

When I started doing wedding planning, I did not have a lot of information as to how the industry works. I was learning on the go. I sure did make a lot of mistakes; the biggest was not taking my personal image very seriously. I assumed that since I was my own boss, I could wear jeans and sneakers to meetings and carry funny looking sling bags. With time, as I started paying more attention to how I looked when I went for meetings, I noticed some change. Clients took me more seriously, they wanted to hear what I had to say, they were interested in looking at my portfolio and even though they all didn’t book with me, I was sure the reason wasn’t how I presented myself.

So, Does how you dress and look really matter to potential brides-to-be? Is there a particular way you should dress?

If you had asked me this one year ago when I was starting my business, I would have answered no. I would have said the bride should be interested in seeing my work and not how I am dressed.

Now I have a different opinion, and the answer to this question is a definite yes. You see, when you say you are a wedding planner, the first thing that comes to mind is organized, clean and neat, time manager, well planned, smart person. A client will expect you to carry and look a certain way. You should always remember that you are a brand. You represent your business.

It’s okay to wear jeans; it’s even okay to wear t-shirts (especially if they are branded with your company info). It is how you wear them that matters. Pairing a pair of skinny jeans with a classy pair of heels and a clean blazer will give you a sophisticated look. Carrying the right handbag, well organized folder, well labeled portfolio gives your potential client some confidence in your organizational skills.

You should not only look smart when going for meetings though, always try your best to look presentable every day. After-all you never know where you will meet your next client. It could be in a bus, in the market, in the bank, anywhere. Be sure to always have your business cards with you. A simple conversation with a stranger while stuck in traffic could lead to you signing your next client.

I would recommend owning at least one of the following wardrobe items that you can always play with when going for meetings

  1. A Colorful Blazer
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    The fact that you can pair a colorful blazer and make it look chic means you know a thing or two about colors and that will definitely impress that bride to be. She will feel confident to ask you to assist her pick her wedding colors

  1. Branded T-Shirt
    The t-shirt should be well fitting, clean and well pressed. Not only is it a way of marketing yourself, it is also a way of showing you are confident about your work and you are a brand yourself.
  1. A Well Fitted Dress
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    This is like the most basic item for any woman’s wardrobe. Pencil dresses shows confidence and we want to make our clients see that we are confident with ourselves. This is also very ideal when going for meetings with high-end brides. She wants to feel confident in your style and taste.

  1. A Tote Bag
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    Tote bags are spacious enough to fit all your stuff. From iPads to phones and portfolios. Do not go for a meeting carrying 5 bags that make it hard to even shake hands with your client. A tote is a good way to stay organized and ensure you have all you need to run a smooth meeting
  1. A Nice Pair of Heels
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    Really, we all know how these gifts God gave to us as women improve our looks.  Make sure you own a pair that is comfortable, and one that doesn’t change the way you walk. They should only improve your look and make you look confident. If you can’t walk in heels, wear whatever makes you comfortable. Even a pair of flats worn in the right way makes all the difference.

You should always dress like you are ready for a meeting any time, any day. Clients do care how you look. They will judge you based on how you spoke to that waitress who gave you the wrong change, how your makeup was done, how your hair looked, how you walked in to the meeting. It is like you are going for an interview. EVERY MOVE COUNTS. Remember to always wear a smile on your face and go conquer the world of brides!

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