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Do’s and Dont’s of Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

I have come to realize how every single woman enjoys this process. May be because we are natural born shoppers! if it feels anything like what i experience every time i walk in to a fashion store, then it makes perfect sense why it is so exciting.

Just like any other dress, a wedding dress is supposed to fit you perfectly, show your favorite feature and help hide those you are not so confident about.


Here are the top do’s and don’ts to consider when embarking on find the perfect wedding dress.

  1. DO focus on finding the right silhouette for you
    In simple terms, a silhouette is an outline of your body or just your figure. You may want to keep up with trends that are coming up, but this may mislead you. You can embrace trends in other areas such as incorporating ruffles in the right places, adding pearly buttons, adding bows, small details will make all the difference. but the most important thing is to know your body shape and shop for it. Always ask the shop attendant for assistance in identifying what works for YOU.
  2. DO take photos
    If you are lucky enough to have chosen a store that allows you to take photos, take as many as you can. Take photos from every angle. These will come in handy when your mind is clear and not as excited as it is when in the store. Scrutinize each photo carefully, you can get assistance from you maid of honor or wedding planner or someone who will be honest with you. These are the people who will tell you what a certain dress does to your figure, whether it is good or not. Take the opinions  positively and use that to pick out the perfect dress on your next visit.
  3. DO try on as many dresses as you can
    Try on different styles, fabrics, lengths and colors. Now, i don’t mean its okay to try on a thousand dresses as this will only confuse you more but pick a dress from each style that you feel would work well with your figure and narrow it down to the one that will have all your preferred features and most importantly, works well for your figure and wedding theme. Your wedding theme assists you in picking the right style and color.
  4. DON’T schedule your appointment too late in the day
    Always try your best to go for dress shopping early in the morning when you are well rested and so is the store consultant. It is to your own benefit that the consultant is in the right mood to assist you. If you are late for an appointment, you can fit dresses but DO NOT make a decision at that point. Request for another appointment and make it in the morning. As much as it may sound like a good idea to run errands all day and wrap it up at the store, do not do it. I understand how busy one must be when planning a wedding so schedule a day specifically for dress shopping.
  5. DON’T go dress shopping alone
    Schedule a day that works for you and your closest friends, bridesmaids and maid of honor. In fact, if your mother is available, tag her along. These are the people who know you well, understand your style and may see details you may never see when alone. Give everyone a chance to share how they feel about each dress and be positive, and as much as you accommodate their opinions, don’t forget what YOU want. At the end of the day, it is your wedding, your style and your comfort.
  6. DON’T focus all your attention only on the ‘skirt’
    Remember it is the top or bodice of your dress that people will focus on, it is what will be seen for ages and ages in your photographs. Choose what works for you, what is comfortable and of course, stylish enough. Consider the shape and size of your bust, size of your shoulder, length of your neck… make all these aspects work for you.

As Emme Rollins said “Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it”. Be beautiful, comfortable and make memories!


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