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Choosing The Right Florist For Your Wedding

It’s never easy finding the right florist that can also deliver to various wedding locations. For some brides, the flowers make or break the atmosphere of the whole ceremony. So if you get an unreliable florist, chances are the memorable part of your big day would always be unpleasant, at least the floral part. Therefore, don’t take any chances, take your time and look for the best florist you can afford. Thankfully, there are many of them. This article will attempt to make it easier for you to find the right florist for your big day.

Here are some things brides-to-be should consider when choosing their wedding flower designer.

  1. Plan in advance.
    Everyone knows that a wedding takes months to plan. Choosing wedding flowers takes almost as long. Before seeing any florist, you should have already decided on exactly what you want in terms of the floral design of your big day. Provide some wiggle room for change but be certain of the theme and ambiance you want to set. For example, a tropical-themed wedding would need some Hawaiian flowers and your florist of choice should have them. Have a list ready of all the arrangements you would need. Decide beforehand on your own bouquet, brides maids’, the table centerpieces, aisle arrangements, boutonni√®res, corsages, garlands, headdresses, etc,.
  2. Work out your budget.
    Have your budget in hand when inquiring about wedding packages. Pick the florist that can cater to your budget and still provide beautiful arrangements on your wedding day. A common practice is allotting 10% of the entire wedding budget for flowers. It may be easy to get carried away and splurge on the floral arrangements but remain steadfast and loyal to your budget.
  3. Get referrals.
    Ask around and find out which florist your relatives or friends have hired for their events. Some shops even post testimonials from their clientele on their websites to showcase the quality of their work. Do your research and you will be able to find references for stellar florists. This way, you can get a glimpse into their customer service and professional skill without having to spend a penny.
  4. Canvass.
    Don’t settle for only one florist. Visit as many flower shops as you can and inquire about their wedding packages. This way, you can compare prices and come up with the best florist that can cater to your needs at the most reasonable price.
  5. Ask for extras.
    When you meet the florists, ask whether they can also provide extra service for your wedding. Sometimes their in-house flower designer can make small arrangements for the venue’s restrooms or provide you with flower petals for the sendoff. Other flower shops can also offer candles, ornaments and furniture if you ask for them. This way, you can get more out of your contract and can lessen the stress of wedding planning.
  6. Talk about contingency plans.
    When you are speaking with a likely candidate, discuss how they will handle unexpected delays. Flower delivery in big cities can be deferred because of traffic. Make sure they have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. This way, you can be sure that your wedding will be a stress-free event.

When you have all these things settled, then you’re ready to pick your florist. Above everything, select the florist you trust to make your dream wedding come to life. Luckily, there are quite a few reliable florists in any major city. Finding the right florist for your wedding may be the difference between a smooth ceremony and a, possibly, disappointing one.


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