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8 Unusual But Interesting Wedding Themes

The most common wedding themes are Cinderella, vintage, modern, African and rustic. However, there are couples who go against the norm to bring out their personality, unique tastes and creativity. If you are such a couple, and you are looking for creative, unconventional ideas for your wedding theme, have you thought about borrowing ideas from the entertainment world? These 8 movie and television themes will have you rethinking your wedding theme.

  1. Harry Potter
    J.K. Rowling has a following of faithful fans that wait anxiously for her next Harry Potter book. If you love her books or you are passionate about the Harry Potter films, you have a fantastic idea for your wedding theme. Work this fantasy world into your wedding and bring Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alive. The characters in the book have already chosen the costumes for you; all you need is a tailor, and a wedding planner who can turn your venue into the magical land you want. Props for the venue and the photo booth will include broomsticks and magic wands.
  2. Alice in Wonderland
    Wonderland, with its white rabbit, Cheshire cat and duchess makes for an interesting fairy tale. If you can bring together these elements at your wedding, you will have a ‘wonder full’ ceremony. Add a touch to the favours and bitings with the iconic labels ‘Drink Me’, and ‘Eat Me’.
  3. Snow White
    It will be practically easy to transform your reception either into the house of the Seven Dwarfs or the palace where Snow White was born. The better choice is of course a grandeur palace where Snow White and her charming prince lived. You can keep the evil queen out of your fantasy and focus on the princess and her prince.
  4. WrestleMania
    If you are ardent fans of wrestling matches, celebrate the most important day of your lives with a WrestleMania theme. Ideas to make this dream come true include having a wrestling themed cake with a wresting belt, and a wrestling ring for a dance floor at the reception. Have guests come dressed as the wrestling stars they love. The toastmaster can announce each session with a bell just like in a wrestling match.
  5. The Walking Dead
    Horror and zombies is not one of the typical themes to expect in a wedding, in any event actually. But, if you both love watching horror movies and your family and friends have a collection of these movies stashed at home, have The Walking Dead as your wedding theme. It is one of the easier unusual themes because all you need are costumes for walkers and venue décor that fits the post-apocalypse setting. On your wedding checklist, add simple cake ideas that would fit this theme and have your wedding planner work on it. Bloody heads on a platter as your cake theme might be too much for your guests though.
  6. Game of Thrones
    Whisk your wedding guests away to the land of Westeros and Esso. Game of Thrones has a long list of characters so your guests will have plenty of ideas for the wedding attire. Though custom-made costumes in fish skins, bones and latex are too much to ask of your guests, bespoke tailors can create something similar. Wigs too are necessary to complete the picture.
  7. Walker, Texas Ranger
    Take a walk down memory lane with the bride as Alexandra ‘Alex’ and the groom as the sensational Walker the Texas Ranger. The romance and sheer chemistry between these two characters must have inspired many romance stories, and your wedding can be one of them. Take the theme further with the best man dressed as Sergeant Jimmy who was Walker’s best friend and partner.  Your guests can dress as rangers and cowboys and your venue can be a bar-restaurant setting like Captain C.D Parker’s premise in this CBS action series.
  8. Circus
    Turn your wedding venue into the International Circus Festival of Monet-Carlo or into a contemporary circus with stunts from acrobats and minimal to no animal acts. For a contemporary theme, you need excellent lighting, great music and custom-made wedding attire with elements of circus performances. Have trampolines as the bouncing castle for kids, and a photo booth with props, jugglers and gymnasts and fire breathers. Arrange your venue like a ring, and your master of ceremony as the ringmaster.

If you want a memorable ‘wedding of the century’ experience for your guests, think outside the box and tag along friends and family members who can help you choose the best unusual theme.


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