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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bridesmaids

Let’s deal with the biggest task every bride-to-be has to face: picking your bridal party! How to tell those friends you haven’t heard from in the past two years that they can’t be on your party. It is tough, and trust me, you’ll lose so many ‘friends’, but at the end of the day, it will be worth it!  So, what do you need to consider when picking your bridal party?

  • Have you talked to them in the past six months?
    We all have those friends we talk to just because. I mean, she is not the first person you’d call if you wanted a shoulder to cry on, or if you wanted a big bowl of ice-cream. She is that friend you casually say hi to on WhatsApp every month just to make sure she is okay. Then, this is not someone who should be on your list. Your bridesmaids should be people you talk to almost every day, your true friends who know you well. Those who have good intentions for you and won’t be cowed into not being honest with you about choices you have to make regarding your wedding.

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  • Is it someone you’d call if you were in trouble?
    If you were in some serious trouble, or even not so serious and you needed someone to call, are they on your speed dial? If no, do not have them on your wedding party! Your bridesmaids should be people you can trust to help in a heartbeat. People who can drop whatever they are up to to come to your aid. I don’t mean you should expect them to drop everything even when you break a nail, but only when you really need them.
  • Have they known you & your partner for longer than a year?
    I believe your friends know you and your partner pretty well by now, I mean you are getting married! They should be people you can even trust around your partner. People who mean well for the both of you and wish to make the planning process easy and fun.

  • Consider the size of your wedding
    The size of your wedding should determine the size of your party. You do not want to have half your guest sitting on the high table with you. If your guest list is small, your bridal party should even be smaller.


  • Blood is thicker than water….. (most times)
    If you are close with your sister or sister-in-law they should be the first on your list. These are people you can trust to handle situations during the planning and on the day of the wedding.  But, if the thought of having them on your list ranks next to the thought of having your face hit by a football, then do not include them.


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